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5 Quick and Easy Organization Projects to Do While You’re Staying Home

Staying home during this time isn’t easy. Boredom creeps in, there’s not much to do and you’re tired of looking at the same 4 walls. Since you’re stuck at home, why not make it a more comfortable place to be! Here are 5 quick and easy projects to get your home more organized.


1- Time saving cabinet placement: If you have a dishwasher, identify the cabinets/drawers closest to the dishwasher and use these for your everyday items. Placing plates, bowls, cups etc. closest to the dishwasher. This will make unloading the dishwasher much easier and save time.


2- “Kid friendly” cabinets: Select an area easily accessible to your older children and place their favorite cups, plates bowls or even paper plates in that cabinet. Now they can access their items for a little independence. With permission of course 😊.


3- Nightstand upgrade: Tired of looking at cords and phones charging on your nightstand. Use a decorative box, cut holes in the back of the box and string the cords through. You can charge your items in the box and keep sight-lines clean.


4- Roll those towels: Rolling vs folding towels takes up less space. Store rolled towels in a decorative basket on the counter or floor. Place rolled towels in a large cabinet draw or hang two towel bars vertically on the wall and stack rolled towels in between.


5- Disinfect and donate: Since you’re already disinfecting those toys, why not use that time to pare down. Identify what’s staying and what’s going. Disinfect all and place donation items in a bag. It’s also a good activity for kids, teaching them to make choices and help others.


If you like these ideas, we have more! At HBS Junk Removal, we love helping people make their homes more comfortable. We offer affordable and creative solutions to tackle all your junk removal and professional organization needs. Call or schedule online for a free consultation today!

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