4 Great Ways to Get Rid of Clutter and Make Some Money Too!
Aimee Flowers

Aimee Flowers

4 Great Ways to Get Rid of Clutter and Make Some Money Too!

Over the years, it’s almost impossible not to accumulate lots of stuff. With annual events like Christmas and birthdays for everyone who lives under your roof, there will almost certainly be more items coming into your house every year than leaving it.

In this post, we’ll give you four options for getting rid of clutter and making some money at the same time!

1) Give Away or Donate Your Items for a Tax Write-Off

There are many options for donating your old stuff that can give you a tax write-off. For example, any time you donate something at Goodwill you can ask for a donation receipt. Hold on to those receipts, and at the end of the year you can add up your total donations and write that amount off on your taxes. Contact a trusted junk removal service or home organization company like HBS Junk Removal to help you organize and load up your items that you’d like to donate.

2) Use an App to Sell High Ticket Items

If you consider yourself to be highly tech-savvy, using an app like Let Go, Poshmark, Thred Up, or Facebook Marketplace to make money by selling your clutter is a great option. The premise of each platform is the same: take pictures of the item, set a price, and then publish the listing. Soon, people who are interested in the items will contact you to make a deal. If you need help loading any items that you have sold through these platforms into your car or the car of the buyer, contact a junk removal service.

3) Make Hundreds by Hosting a Yard Sale

If you have so many items that you want to get rid of that it doesn’t make sense to try to sell or donate them one by one, hosting a yard sale might be the best option for you. In just one morning, you could sell off dozens of items from your front yard and end up hundreds of dollars richer. A junk removal service or home organization company can help you transport all the items you want to sell from inside the house to your front yard.

4) Save Time by Hiring a Junk Removal Service or Home Organization Company to Declutter and Haul Away Junk

Time is money. The more time you can save throughout your de-junking process, the better off you’ll be. Rather than going through the headache of trying to get rid of your clutter on your own, hire a trusted junk removal service or home organization company like HBS Junk Removal. HBS Junk Removal can come to your home and efficiently clear out the clutter and leave your home much more organized. Most projects can be done in less than a day, saving you many hours of stress.

For more information or pricing contact HBS Junk Removal today at 985-788-3665.

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